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Clay Facial Mask

Clay Facial Mask

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Compostable & Biodegradable | Soft Silicone Facial Mud Applicator | Mini Palm Leaf Bowl |  | Herbal Mask. This Clay Mask is guaranteed to brighten dull skin. Great for His and Her Spa Experience.

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1. Soft Silicone Facial Mud Applicator.

• Safe and reliable: our soft silicone facial mud applicators are safe and proper for most people's face, skin and body, practical for applying mud, clay or mask and moisturizers, the characteristics of small size and light weight make it easy to be carried and taken in bag when traveling

• Reduces waste: soft but firm mask applicators won't waste your cosmetic as well as apply it more smoothly and evenly, more precise while spread facial mask, mud mask, clay mask

• Quality material: the head of silicone mask brushes is made of quality silicone, easy to clean with water, durable for high temperature and various skincare ingredients; The features of softness, smoothness will give a nice using experience

2. Disposable 2.5" Mini Palm Leaf Bowl, Bamboo Bowl, Compostable & Biodegradable, Eco Friendly, Alternative to Plastic Bowl.

• LOW CARBON FOOTPRINT: Following the motto of "From Earth & Back to Earth" these bowls are produced from fallen Areca leaves in an environmentally & socially responsible way. This compostable and biodegradable cutlery helps in returning the nutrients back to the earth. They are also resistant to any kind of leakage & sagging and also handles heavy grease & many such things with ease.

With this freshly dried clay mask, you add water when you want, and its fresh, exactly when you want it! Make it complex as you'd like, by adding milk, oil, yogurt, brewed tea, aloe, witch hazel or honey, or things like mashed avocado, whisked egg, banana. Whatever you would like, to add extra nutrients.

Directions also come on each masque on how to mix them. Approx. 4 oz or 2 oz each. Depending on the consistency you like, you can get up to 15 facials out of one jar.

SAGE GREEN is drying, antimicrobial and best suited for oily skin. Great at tackling blackheads. Made with French Green Clay, Sage essential oil and organic sage leaves.

LAVENDER BLUE is inflammation taming and soothing. Tames red windburn skin. Made with Cambrian Blue Clay, cornflower petals, lavender buds & lavender essential oil.

ROSE PINK has astringent properties. Great for that extra boost and skin glow. Made with Morroccan red clay, Rhassoul Clay, rose petals and rose essential oil.

Through our small batch operation, Voss Botanicals makes only high quality, handmade, cold process soaps, body and bath products. Using only the best in naturally occurring ingredients, we help preserve a healthy body inside and out.


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