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3 Misconceptions That Hold Men Back from Taking Care of Their Skin

Ask any dermatologist or skincare expert, and they will tell you that men of all ages can benefit from adopting a regular skincare routine. Why, you ask? Staying healthy is much more than just eating right and working out. You should also take care of your skin, which is the largest organ in your body, so that it looks fresh and young. Unfortunately, a lot of men neglect that. The reasons are aplenty, but one of the most common out of them are the misconceptions associated with skincare for men.  Here are some of the misconceptions that you should stop believing:

1. Skincare isn’t masculine

This is probably the most common belief among a lot of men. While a lot of things like working out, fashion and attitude are considered to be ways to look attractive in a masculine way, skincare is perceived to be something only meant for the ladies. But what men fail to recognize is that skincare plays an important role in improving your appearance. In fact, there are studies that suggest that women are more attracted to men with healthy skin. Skincare is a way to keep yourself looking and feeling healthy and has nothing to do with femininity or masculinity.

2. Skincare is a lot of work

A lot of men are overwhelmed by the thought of adding skincare to their daily routine, especially when they see the number of products some women use. But you don’t necessarily need to adopt a 10-step skincare routine to achieve younger looking skin. A few simple products, like a body scrub, lotion, beard oil and so on, could do a lot for your skin. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or time on them.

3. There aren’t good skincare products for men in the market

There are various brands, including Voss Botanicals, that offer skincare products targeted at men. These products are formulated to address issues commonly associated with men’s grooming, whether it is taking care of your skin or your beard. You can find a ton of natural, organic and handmade products that will clean and nourish your skin.

If you have been allowing yourself to fall prey to these misconceptions and more, it is time you stop doing that. Skincare is as important for men as it is for women. Voss Botanicals offers a selection of the finest bath and body products that will help you give your skin the TLC it deserves. If you are a woman looking for handmade natural Valentines gifts for men, these products are a great choice. Browse through our store to buy spa sets, body scrubs, salves and lotions. They are the perfect all-natural Valentines gifts for men.