Employee appreciation is not a holiday. It’s a culture.

Natural, Artisan Bath & Body Products

This year, Employee Appreciation Day landed on March 3, and every year it feels more important than the year before. The lack of human connection in the current workplace is cause for alarm, especially in our historically tight labor market. On a relational level, people aren’t feeling valued, appreciated or connected to their coworkers. And they’re increasingly willing to look elsewhere to find that elusive sense of being seen, heard and valued.

Our gifts help customers celebrate life’s milestones in a meaningful, tangible way through a product crafted with heart.

We believe that our beautiful, natural sets make for the perfect gift for many occasions, be it a special birthday, the holidays, a wedding gift, or simply to say ‘I’m thinking of you’.

There’s nothing quite like receiving a beautifully crafted item made just for you. It’s the little things that matter. 👍

Our products are made using quality, premium ingredients from nature. Our packaging is beautiful, practical, and environmentally friendly making the order a delight to receive.

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