Did You Know These Habits are Bad News for Winter Skincare?

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The weather for overcoats, turtlenecks and long boots is here, which also means dry and dull skin. Keeping yourself hydrated and moisturizing regularly goes a long way in maintaining healthy, glowing skin.

So, you researched winter skincare and ordered organic, mineral-rich skin hydration products. While skincare overhaul is the demand of the season, there is more. If you are guilty of any of the following habits, you are sabotaging your skin’s appearance unknowingly:

You Use Alcohol-Based Products

Your anti-acne facewash and toner containing alcohol may keep your skin looking great from March to October, but once the temperature starts dropping, they wouldn’t do your skin much good.

Oil-controlling products contain alcohol, which exacerbates skin dehydration when chilly weather, indoor heating, and dry air are already stripping your skin of moisture. Look for product alternatives that clean without removing natural oils.

You may also invest in luxury spa boxes (curated for the winter weather) with soaps, balms, and masks.

You Skip Lip Balm

Winters are harsh on your lips as well. Cold, dry wind depletes the natural protective barrier of your lips. Avoid licking them as your saliva has enzymes that may cause irritation and cracking.

Your lips do not have oil glands for hydration. So, skipping lip balm is not good practice.

Show your lips some TLC by adding lip balm application to your skincare routine. Voss Botanicals’ all-natural rose spa box comes with Ylang Ylang Mango lip balm, which will keep your lips soft and kissable throughout the season.

You Exfoliate Too Much

Exfoliation is good for your skin as it removes the dead skin and allows proper absorption of moisturizers, but exfoliating with overly harsh products will damage the protective moisture barrier of your skin. The moisture barrier keeps out irritants and maintains hydration. Irritation, redness, inflammation are common symptoms of a damaged skin barrier.

Avoiding exfoliation is also not a good idea as the accumulation of dead skin cells will affect the effectiveness of your moisturizers.

Use a mild exfoliant and follow with mineral-rich skin hydration products.

You Crank up the Heat at Home

Indoor heating is among the many comforts that we are thankful for when it starts getting cold outside, but the dry heat from indoor heaters coupled with the dropping humidity levels adds to skin dryness.

Purchase a humidifier to maintain the moisture level at your home. It is a good investment for winter.

You Take Long Hot Baths

The joy of a steamy soak in zero-degree weather is unparalleled, but your skin does not feel the same.

Hot water causes dryness and makes your skin susceptible to issues like eczema. It strips the skin of natural oils. Bathe with lukewarm water, and if you are using hot water, don’t spend too long in the bathtub.

Voss Botanicals’ rose spa gift set contains luxuriously hydrating bath and body products, perfect for winter baths.

You can check out our collection of luxury spa boxes at the Etsy store. Our spa sets are curated with lots of love and premium handmade products to keep your skin happy and healthy throughout the winter.

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