The Ultimate Winter Care Guide Your Skin Has Been Waiting For

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The temperature is dropping; nights are longer, bed feels cozier and comfy, woolens are ready with all the crazy, delicious winter snacks waiting to be devoured– the best part about this part of the year is the string of festive joy it brings along with the table full of gourmet meals resulting from hours of cooking efforts and love from our family and friends.

With us bundled up in thick jackets, scarves, and boots with the only area left exposed being the face, chances are you must be wondering whether there is a need for a good winter skincare routine for your body. Your flaky, dry skin will undoubtedly say yes even if you disagree! Besides, there’s rarely been any instance where a person ended up saying- “Oh! What a waste of time for this radiant, glowing, and plump skin”.

From delicious body scrubs to gorgeous oils, we have outlined an exquisite winter skincare routine for your carrying a bit of the fall essence.


Swap your existing body cleansers, body wash, and soap with hydrating ones to clean your body without stripping the skin off the vital nourishing oils. With the seasonal changes, the air gets too dry, making our skin devoid of any moisturization. Do not forget about your shampoo too. Also, if you have oily skin and worry that this may worsen your skin condition, fret not. There are many formulations available that get the cleansing job done without excessively drying your skin.


Seasonal dryness calls all the more for exfoliation and scrubbing. Usually, in winters, the functioning of our skin barrier to renewing cells slows down, which makes it easier for the dead, dry skin cells to build up and make our face and body look dull and coarse.



Alcohol-based toners can further worsen your winter skin health. Replace your existing toner with a natural, handmade face toner that can tackle significant skin concerns, including psoriasis, redness, sun damage, irritation, and rosacea.



Winter is when our skin screams for moisturization and hydration. Do not shy away from adding that extra dollop of hydration with a facial oil (if your skin is too dry) serum before putting on your cream. Invest in a good quality body butter and skin balm that makes your skin smell as good as it looks.



Sunscreens are not just for summers, Period! For your radiant-looking winter skin project, it’s crucial to guard your skin against the harmful UV rays to flaunt that gorgeous glow throughout the year. Apart from preventing premature aging, a quality broad-spectrum sunblock helps your skin finally reflect the hours you have been putting inside your home with different products.

If you want to winterize your skincare cabinet with specific products or are looking for care packages to target particular concerns, feel free to connect with us here for a natural skincare action plan.

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