Pamper Your Dad This Father’s Day With Men’s Spa Gift Set

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As Father’s Day approaches, many must be scouring gift shops and online stores for a thoughtful gift for the number one man in their lives. We love our dads 365 days a year, but we may not express it often. Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate our real-life superheroes.

You have already gifted him cufflinks, golf clubs, and so many ties. How about pampering him with a men’s spa gift set? After all, skincare is as important for men as for women. Also, your dad deserves relaxing spa days every once in a while. Whether your dad loves outdoor adventures and is always up for hiking and camping trips or he likes staying at home, we have a few tips for you to pick up organic products for him tailored to his lifestyle.

Does your dad remain hooked to his laptop for most parts of the day? He goes from one meeting to the next and sometimes stays up late at night, working on presentations. Between all the meetings and presentations, skincare may be the last thing on his mind, but you can notice those tired eyes.

Get him a vegan shaving kit, heavenly smelling after-shave tonic and handmade, toxin-free scrub. He can take a day off and indulge in some much-needed self-care.

Some dads are always ready for adventure. They love hiking, camping, cycling, gardening- basically, anything that involves nature and a healthy dose of fresh air. If this reminds you of your dad, he definitely needs some TLC for skin health. Prolonged exposure to the elements- wind, sun, snow, or water- means weathered and damaged skin.

Encourage him to use good sunscreen and scrub from time to time. Choose the nicely wrapped men’s spa gift set from Voss Botanicals. The set comes with sugar and sand scrub loaded with the goodness of essential oils

If your dad loves walking the dog, reading a book while sipping on a cup of coffee, and weekend BBQs with close friends and family, pamper him with a relaxing spa experience at home this Father’s Day.

Voss Botanicals’ men’s spa gift set is perfect for all dads. It includes a vegan, handmade exfoliating scrub with forest scent, hydrating beard oil or after shave tonic, relaxing muscle salve, and peppermint candies. You can also add a black sea salt body bar to the set!

You can shop for our luxurious set for your dad at Etsy.Share

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