Essential Oil Hand Sanitizer: A Must-Have in your Personal Hygiene Kit

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The COVID-19 virus is showing no signs of retreat and with the relaxation of lockdown measures, people are starting to get out of their homes. That is quite alright if you follow the precautionary guidelines like wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing in public places. Also, no unnecessary touching of objects, germs are everywhere. As all social media platforms and news channels went over the board with campaigns promoting regular washing of hands and use of hand sanitizers, you already know better than stepping out without a handy bottle of sanitizer in your bag! Order natural lavender oil sanitizer and never worry about germs or dry hands.

Unlike conventional sanitizers that are loaded with parabens and synthetic fragrance which are not good news for your skin, hand sanitizers with essential oil are infused with the goodness of naturally moisturizing ingredients and come with natural scent. Take your pick!

Including essential oil in hand sanitizers enhances the goodness of the product by so many times. The past few months have not just been frightening health-wise but also have been a tad rough on our hands, literally. Constant handwashing and sanitizer use deprived our hands of moisture, leaving them dry and cracked. Not everyone has been diligent in applying hand cream after every single wash or sanitizer use! Order natural lavender oil sanitizer instead and say hi to soft and supple hands.

1. Moisture retention and nourishment– Essential oil sanitizers contain naturally nourishing ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E. Furthermore, essential oils like tea tree and lavender restore the lost moisture and have miraculously soothing effect on your skin.

2. Antibacterial properties fight germs– Essential oil has antimicrobial properties that enhance your sanitizer’s effectiveness to fight germs and virus.

3. Natural scents appeal to your senses– The subtle fragrance exuded by tea tree and lavender essential oils magically boost your mood, help you relax, and even concentrate better.

Final Words While we await a cure for COVID-19, we can’t go easy on the personal hygiene front. Essential oil hand sanitizers are playing a crucial role in helping us do that. Shop for the best lavender oil sanitizer at Voss Botanicals. Our sanitizers keep your hands germ-free, moisturized, and smelling fresh.

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