3 Major Don’ts of Gifts for Him and Her

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The new year sets all sorts of occasions and events in motion. From birthdays, anniversaries, valentine’s day to family occasions, weddings, reunions, and more, each year brings the same yet unique set of events; however, if there’s one thing that we get stuck upon every year without any change is the gifting part.

So, what to gift him/ her?

Whether it’s wall arthome decor, accessories, or a personal care set, surely you will find countless blogs and articles across the internet asking you to get this or that. In this blog, we will be sharing a list of gifting items that most people might think to be ideal but are not appreciated by its recipients.


If you have been on vacation to an exotic place and your loved one wasn’t with you on that trip, the last thing he/ she wants is to be reminded of the same fact. No one wants a souvenir from a trip they weren’t a part of.

WHAT TO GIFT INSTEAD?: The All-natural Rose Spa gift set is a unique way to show your care and thoughtfulness towards your special someone. Plus, this relaxation and restful sleep gift set is another way to show that you care for their well-being.


Pets require careful planning and preparation. Although many Hollywood movies might make it look okay, no one is willing to sign up for that responsibility. Think of it this way- if someone gifted you a tiny kitten, what would be your reaction? Surprised? Yes. Happy? Maybe not so much. No one hates kittens here, but it’s one gift no one wants to be surprised from.

WHAT TO GIFT INSTEAD? If your loved one already has a pet, gift him/ her a Dog Care Package that contains all essential pet care items.

For something more thoughtful and comforting, go for the Housewarming Spa Gift that is literally ideal for every occasion.


Well, no one is seven anymore, so this makes no sense. Now, if it’s an event or an occasion where you know a person will be expecting a gift from you, he/ she will also be expecting it to be of value. Gifting is a beautiful opportunity to show someone how much they mean to you. So, the next time you think of a gag gift as a “joke,” you might want to give it a second thought.

WHAT TO GIFT INSTEAD? If you are thinking of gifting ideas for a man, give this Man Spa Gift Box a go. It’s an adorable way to show a man your concern while reminding him that self-care is important too. Another versatile gifting option is the Clay Mask set that everyone can use. The Bath Salt Spa Gift Set Collection is another cozy and snug gift option that feels like a warm hug.

To be honest, there’s no right or wrong way to gift a person. Ultimately it all comes down to the level of intimacy and the thoughtfulness it conveys towards a person. Now that you know what to stay away from, have a great gift shopping!

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